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Make The Best Out Of It

This is a common sight after I cut the fabric needed to make the handsew kisslock purses.

I try to eliminate any kind of wastage and make the best out of resources. That doesn’t mean I retain all sorts of clutter. Before you throw anything out, just give it some thoughts if you can reuse or recycle.

Remaining fabric from making kisslock purses

Remaining fabric from making kisslock purses

Knowing that I can make something useful with these remaining fabric, I refuse to throw them away instantly. Such a pity to just discard these remaining fabric!

thought of a few things I can make, like, hair accessories or accessories for scrapbooking.

The idea to turn them into fabric buttons seems to be the best option.

So I bought the fabric button kit and experimented with a few buttons. The completed fabric buttons look good!

We can use these fabric buttons in a few ways.

Hair Ties

Add elastic bands and make them into hair ties!

Just to name a few:

1) Add an elastic band makes it into a hair tie.

2) Add a clip makes it into a hair clip.

3) Add a safety pin makes it into a brooch or a badge. You can wear it as a brooch to dress up your attire, to hold your scarf together, or as a cute badge on your collar or accessorise your bag.

3) Sew it onto a no zipper pouch to close the opening.

4) Add a loop and makes it into a ring.

And many more ways you can think of! You can use them on wherever is appropriate.

I will be making a few fabric button sizes and if you want to have a piece of these beautiful fabric that I have used to make the kisslock purses, you can get these fabric buttons in-store soon. Stay tuned on our Facebook page for updates.


Now We Have A Daisy!

Sometimes I like how my instinct works.

Polka Dots Cotton Twill

Polka dots love

I bought these cotton twill polka dots fabric two years ago not having a slight idea what I wanted to do with it. I just want to buy it. I know someday these fabric will come into use.

So I brought these precious home and stored in my fabric box.

A couple of months later, I took it out and used it to make the first kisslock purse prototype.

Completed! My first handsew kisslock purse. 完成!我手缝的第一个口金包。

My first handsew kisslock purse. 我手缝的第一个口金包。

Then it went back into my fabric box again.

I did not forget about it. I just don’t know what to do with it yet.

Until I saw the daisy fabric.


Daisy Dotty Kisslock Purse

Daisy Dotty Kisslock Purse

Cotton Twill Polka Dots Interior!

Cotton Twill Polka Dots Interior!

I love all my kisslock purses that I handsew and in particular, with the Daisy Dotty Kisslock Purse. I love how the prints, the fabric base colour and the purse frame colour all come in together, looking so good.

Cotton twill has a velvet feel to touch and I really love how it merchandises the Daisy Dotty Kisslock Purse. I have been staring at this beauty after I completed this purse, with love. Now I really hope the owner will love this purse more than I do.

Pre-order is now open here.


The One and Only

“Hi Shirley really like your new kisslock purse. I am not a fan of the colour green but it looks really good especially there’s polka dots inside too.”


That was the most awesome compliment I have ever received on my handsew kisslock purse. Thank you Jasmine!

Way back in September, I received enquiries on whether I will introduce new fabric prints to my handsew kisslock purse. Customers are keen to purchase my handsew kisslock purses to give to their love ones as Christmas gifts in the coming Christmas.

I went through quite alot of thinking and colour matching and finally decided that this year, I shall have printed purse interior!

Happy Mint Dots Kisslock Purse is the first purse that has a printed purse interior. The first batch of kisslock purses all carried a full-colour non-printed purse interior. Though non-printed, I make sure the colour of the purse interior has its own uniqueness and adds contrast to the purse exterior.

Happy Mint Dots Kisslock Purse

Happy Mint Dots Kisslock Purse

Polka dots interior!

Polka dots interior!

With the new shopping hours, I can now dedicate certain days to do sewing. I have been going around Singapore locating textile shops to shop for fabric that has prints suitable for making into kisslock purse. And I got really lucky finding the purse frames I have in mind. Some of the purse frames I have used were bought on my previous procurement trips and I cannot find them here. Crafting supplies are scarce here compared to countries where crafting is really popular. Even the books that I can lay my hands on are few.

I must say a BIG ‘THANK YOU’ to all who have already made pre-orders for my handsew kisslock purse. Thank you so much. It’s really a wonderful feeling to know that there are people who like and are willing to buy and use something that I make. Thank you for liking what I put together.

Pre-orders are now open for my handsew kisslock purse. You may place a pre-order via our webstore. Gift wrap is also available at SGD2 only. Some purses are left with very limited pre-order slots so place your pre-order fast if you want a certain fabric print. Feel free to email me at if you have any enquiries on my handsew kisslock purses.

Every single handsew kisslock purse is my one and only. I can only work on one kisslock purse at a time. From the start to the completion, the time spent on each purse is dedicated. And I give all my best in making that one purse. I hope the purse owner can feel my handsew with love and will love the purse even more.

You can also stay on our Facebook page for sneak peeks of new fabric prints.


I Am Still Here!

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I am still here!

Work in Progress ~ Happy Mint Dots Kisslock Purse

Work in Progress ~ Happy Mint Dots Kisslock Purse

Ok so I wasn’t in the showroom almost the whole of the past week and I received messages asking if I had gone on a procurement trip and if the new designs are arriving soon. No I didn’t go on a procurement trip. I was buried in the back office work to complete a few pre-order handsew kisslock purses. And don’t worry about no new designs coming up. I have got that part taken care of already. Keep a lookout for my update.

Someone said this to me: “Business must have been good for you because I see you always all smiles in the shop. I bet you never had a lousy day!”

Of course there are days when I ran into very challenging customers. It’s beyond your imagination the kind of words generated and the sentences formed that came out. Patience can be worn out.

I chose to smile it off. No, it wasn’t to avoid offending customers. This is about how I want to carry myself.

At the end of the day, I benefit from all and become a better person.

These days I get more and more strange questions from random people. These questions are totally irrelevant in helping them make an informed decision on the type of apparels that suit them. These questions are rather disturbing. Now if you are reading this, my message is; If you are really keen to exchange pointers, you may drop me an email and we will see how we can learn from each other. Trying to sound out other people’s cost and goods origin is not how I level up my game and I don’t advise anybody to do that. Display your real capabilities, learn from the good people and listen to your heart. Do what you are good at and be very good at it. I am sure you will be at somewhere prominent in no time.

I am working on new fabric prints. Happy Mint Dots is one of them. I am also introducing new purse interiors. If you like my handsew kisslock purses, stay on our Facebook page for updates.


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