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Be My Lady. Like A Gentleman.

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I have been asked before.

What inspired me to come up with the handsew kisslock product combinations.

The first sight set upon the fabric print is the inspiration. There are bales and bales of fabric, stacks and stacks of quarter fats and yet I will pick out only that handful among all. Whichever fabric print attracts me, that will inspire me on the combination I want to put together.

When I saw both of these, the first thing that popped up; Hey Minnie and Mickey!

The red polka dots are just like the ones on the dresses that Minnie will wear and the blue polka dots look like the ones on the bow ties that Mickey will put on.

Be my lady Minnie. Like a gentleman Mickey.

Tadah! Minnie and Happy Red Polka Dots Kisslock Purse. I have used a similar red colour fabric as the polka dots for the purse interior and used a thread colour for the label that is similar with the tiny blue dots colour.

 Minnie and Happy Red Polka Dots Kisslock Purse was sold within the first hour of launch. You have no idea how happy I was when I received the message that said:

“I am in love with this purse.”

I am so thankful that there are people buying my works and I am feeling really very grateful towards the love you all have for my handsew products. Thank you!

I cannot wait to see the completed Mickey and Happy Blue Polka Dots Kisslock Purse so I spent the whole of last Sunday on it.

Tadah! Mickey and Happy Blue Polka Dots Kisslock Purse. I have used a shiny silver purse frame for this purse, just like a knight in shining armour.

The other day a customer came to pick up her pre-ordered items and she asked what is my secret that I make such pretty and attractive kisslock products, so well-received and sell out almost immediately upon launch. I was surprised at the comment because it never cross my mind that I have a secret “recipe”. I just make the kisslock purses and clutch bags because I like making them.

That comment had me thinking for a few days if I really have a secret “recipe” that I have never realised. I think, I didn’t start with wanting to make money out of it. I simply picked up a crafting book and wanted to try my hands at making a purse. Over time, I just want to keep getting better at making it. I realised monetary inputs were never the top concern, be it on the threads or the fabric choices. I have not hesitated picking up a fabric because of its cost. The prints, quality and suitability yes, cost no. I guess if I want to measure everything by the dollars and cents, you will not see these handsew kisslock products today.

Along the way, I am very lucky to have met people who love what I make and willing to buy them. For that, I thank my lucky stars.


Spring Blossom And Rainbow Petals

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It is always about getting better and better.

The better the response is, the more I cannot settle and stop getting better.

This is not the first time you hear me searching for things. I think by far this has taken me the longest time to locate amongst the related materials I need for my kisslock products.

I have always wanted to have a special packaging for each kisslock product size that I have made. It’s either I find it off the shelves or DIY or get a factory to customize. DIY is struck off the list almost immediately because what I have in mind is not quite achievable without machinery. There is only so much we can DIY. Getting a factory to customize is the fastest way and the most costly way. The minimum quantity required is horrifying.

 So I am left with the last option; finding it off the shelves, which I need alot of luck to depend on. Every now and then I will pop into various shops to browse and hopefully I will find something suitable. If I think of anywhere that might have what I wanted, I will just make a trip there.

Lady luck was very kind to me already. It took almost a year but at least I found what I wanted.

Tadah! A brand new packaging for my handsew kisslock purse. One item ticked off the checklist!

The size is right and it showcase my handsew kisslock purse prominently. This is very useful to my customers who collect my kisslock purses. Yes, I have customers who collect my kisslock purses and are quite disappointed that they are not able to display them in their cabinets in such a way that they can see each purse clearly. The previous packaging is not transparent and you got to open each one to see what is inside. I am so happy that I found this new packaging and I got the shop owner to import many more for me so that going forward, all single purse purchase gets a box each. I have also bought a whole lot on behalf of my customers who wanted them for their previous purchases so that they can display all the collections.

Happy Rainbow Petals in Warm was procured quite sometime back but I never had a chance to showcase it. I need time to take proper photos and sometimes I just don’t have the luxury of it. Completing the pre-orders on time was of utmost importance and I don’t allow myself to default on the deadline. It is all about keeping to what I have promised.

Happy Rainbow Petals Kisslock Purse in Warm

It is constantly on my to-do list to make the kisslock purses available in store for customers who prefer to walk in and buy right away. I know the waiting list can get a little too long.

So sorry for any disappointment caused if you have made a special trip down and find all kisslock products completely all sold. I will try my best to increase the number of kisslock purses available in store.

Usually I will take a two days break after I completed a handsew kisslock product. I have to rest my hand, especially my wrist. If I overwork it, it may strained and it can take a long time to heal. Prevention is always better than cure. I seek your kind understanding that I need a certain time frame to complete your pre-order and it will be ready for collection on the date I promised you. I appreciate your offer to pay a premium for a faster delivery but I cannot skip orders because I have to complete the items, ready for collection on the dates I have already promised other people before you. I really need the time to come to your order and work on it. Once again, I appreciate your offer but I cannot take it up. Please accept my apologies. Thank you so much for loving my handsew kisslock products.

I made use of the quiet time in the shop last Saturday and part of Sunday to work on a new fabric print. I really want to see the completed product which I have been visualising.

Why the anticipation? There was quite a debate with myself on the purse frame design to use and choosing the colour of the purse interior. I can tell you, what you see now, are not the first choices. For the first time, I wavered between the different purse frames and purse interior colours, throughout the sewing process.

I am very happy with the completed product and I named it ‘My Fair Lady’ because the flower purse knots are so dainty and the florals are in such pretty hues.

My Fair Lady Kisslock Purse in Spring

My Fair Lady Kisslock Purse in Spring is now available in store. You may purchase it online too via our webstore. If you have any questions on our products, please email us at

Happy Shopping!


Start With A Kiss

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This is the longest period of work in progress I have ever experienced.

I think I took almost three months to complete this handsew kisslock purse.

Coral Peony Kisslock Purse

Coral Peony Kisslock Purse

It is highly challenging to do sewing these days when I have to run the showroom and take care of the back office too. I am definitely not complaining about being busy in the showroom. I am glad to have your understanding when I took a little longer to complete your pre-order kisslock purse.

Polka dots print fabric is still my number one love. If I come across other fabric prints that catch my eye, I will include that fabric print in my current collection of handsew kisslock purse. I will be working on restocking the sold out kisslock purses. Head over to place your order.

I will be working on a new purse shape.

And a new DIY project.

Wish me luck.


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