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Happy 50th Birthday Singapore!

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Happy SG50!

Happy Golden Jubilee, Singapore!

This year, Singapore celebrates her 50th year of independence and we have been basking in the celebratory mood island-wide. Almost everywhere we go we see signs, banners, posters wishing Singapore Happy SG50. Very happy sight and I like that very much.

I am proud to be a Singaporean. There is where I was born, raised, educated, carved a career and now a place that I build a home with my husband. Because of the political stability, good domestic security and transparency of policies, Queenbels is able to start and have a chance to grow.

Thank you very much to the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew and his team, for building us this wonderful nation.

Happy Birthday Singapore!

Majulah Singapura!

Shirley Low

Happy 48th Birthday Singapore!

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Happy Birthday Singapore!

Happy Birthday Singapore!

I woke up earlier this morning to draw this birthday card for my country,

Singapore, my home, my country turns 48 years old this year. Every year on the 9th August, the whole nation will celebrate this special day and a National Day Parade will take place at The Float @ Marina Bay.

I have only this to say:

I am proud to be a Singaporean. No matter where I go, this is home truly.

Happy Birthday Singapore!

P.S. The four heart shapes signifies Queenbels’ 4th birthday this August. Queenbels is proud to be an August baby!


All Is Good

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It was quite a long day yesterday. We had to go back to the showroom the night before to remove all the protective covers, clear the minor dust, put on the clean curtains and tidy up the pigeon hole.

I was really excited to reopen the showroom. I couldn’t really sleep the previous night. I miss my pigeon hole very much. It’s good to be back at the showroom, to see the lovely customers again who brought so much laughter and to see the familiar faces around. Thank you for coming on the first day of reopen. The short hours are not enough to catch up. I had to wrap up the day earlier because I had to get home to attend to the domestic matters.

Queenbels celebrates 4th Birthday in-store specials!

Queenbels celebrates 4th Birthday in-store specials!

I kick-start the reopen with in-store specials!

Members are getting the sweetest treat because I have upgraded your member’s perk with a +5% and you will also enjoy 20% OFF the total bill with a minimum spending of SGD199.

If you are not a member yet, join me in celebrating Queenbels’ birthday if you are an August baby! If you share the same birthday month as Queenbels, you will enjoy 5% OFF storewide. Simply flash your ID/driving licence/travel document bearing your photo and your date of birth as proof. You will also enjoy 15% OFF the total bill with a minimum spending of SGD199.

Want to become a member? Find out more in store.

Queenbels turns 4 years old this August.

This is very significant to me. As I said before, I do not think I am doing anything great. To start from scratch and run the entire business on my own is something I think I should be proud of. Thank you to all customers for the strong support and stick with me all these years. You guys make me feel that I am still doing something right.

The showroom is taking a break over this long weekend.

I see you on 12 August 2013.


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