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Spring Blossom And Rainbow Petals

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It is always about getting better and better.

The better the response is, the more I cannot settle and stop getting better.

This is not the first time you hear me searching for things. I think by far this has taken me the longest time to locate amongst the related materials I need for my kisslock products.

I have always wanted to have a special packaging for each kisslock product size that I have made. It’s either I find it off the shelves or DIY or get a factory to customize. DIY is struck off the list almost immediately because what I have in mind is not quite achievable without machinery. There is only so much we can DIY. Getting a factory to customize is the fastest way and the most costly way. The minimum quantity required is horrifying.

 So I am left with the last option; finding it off the shelves, which I need alot of luck to depend on. Every now and then I will pop into various shops to browse and hopefully I will find something suitable. If I think of anywhere that might have what I wanted, I will just make a trip there.

Lady luck was very kind to me already. It took almost a year but at least I found what I wanted.

Tadah! A brand new packaging for my handsew kisslock purse. One item ticked off the checklist!

The size is right and it showcase my handsew kisslock purse prominently. This is very useful to my customers who collect my kisslock purses. Yes, I have customers who collect my kisslock purses and are quite disappointed that they are not able to display them in their cabinets in such a way that they can see each purse clearly. The previous packaging is not transparent and you got to open each one to see what is inside. I am so happy that I found this new packaging and I got the shop owner to import many more for me so that going forward, all single purse purchase gets a box each. I have also bought a whole lot on behalf of my customers who wanted them for their previous purchases so that they can display all the collections.

Happy Rainbow Petals in Warm was procured quite sometime back but I never had a chance to showcase it. I need time to take proper photos and sometimes I just don’t have the luxury of it. Completing the pre-orders on time was of utmost importance and I don’t allow myself to default on the deadline. It is all about keeping to what I have promised.

Happy Rainbow Petals Kisslock Purse in Warm

It is constantly on my to-do list to make the kisslock purses available in store for customers who prefer to walk in and buy right away. I know the waiting list can get a little too long.

So sorry for any disappointment caused if you have made a special trip down and find all kisslock products completely all sold. I will try my best to increase the number of kisslock purses available in store.

Usually I will take a two days break after I completed a handsew kisslock product. I have to rest my hand, especially my wrist. If I overwork it, it may strained and it can take a long time to heal. Prevention is always better than cure. I seek your kind understanding that I need a certain time frame to complete your pre-order and it will be ready for collection on the date I promised you. I appreciate your offer to pay a premium for a faster delivery but I cannot skip orders because I have to complete the items, ready for collection on the dates I have already promised other people before you. I really need the time to come to your order and work on it. Once again, I appreciate your offer but I cannot take it up. Please accept my apologies. Thank you so much for loving my handsew kisslock products.

I made use of the quiet time in the shop last Saturday and part of Sunday to work on a new fabric print. I really want to see the completed product which I have been visualising.

Why the anticipation? There was quite a debate with myself on the purse frame design to use and choosing the colour of the purse interior. I can tell you, what you see now, are not the first choices. For the first time, I wavered between the different purse frames and purse interior colours, throughout the sewing process.

I am very happy with the completed product and I named it ‘My Fair Lady’ because the flower purse knots are so dainty and the florals are in such pretty hues.

My Fair Lady Kisslock Purse in Spring

My Fair Lady Kisslock Purse in Spring is now available in store. You may purchase it online too via our webstore. If you have any questions on our products, please email us at

Happy Shopping!


Matchy matchy

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Thank you so much for the pre-orders that poured in!

Thank you for making my handsew with love kisslock products your choice of gift this Mother’s Day.

Thank you for always making Queenbels your first choice when you want to buy ladies apparel, accessories, purses, be it for yourself or for your love ones.

I wished that I had taken at least a snapshot of the completed products before they were collected, especially the sizes that I am making the first time. I really cared more about not missing the collection time and making sure that I did everything properly.

I started working on this new fabric print which comes in two different colours, about two weeks ago. I only posted a tiny sneak peek but I have customers who actually spied them and knew these are new fabric prints and asked if I can take in pre-orders for Mother’s Day gifts. Because the list got very long, I did not make anymore heads-up on our Facebook page.

Sneak peek of new fabric print

Sneak peek of new fabric print

Tadah! The completed kisslock purses! These purses will be available for purchase in the shop from 12 May 2015 onwards.

I have not think of a name for this new fabric print. Any suggestions?

About making detachable straps for the kisslock clutch bags, I will be taking special orders for that rather than making it a permanent detail on all the kisslocks. The feedback I have got is most customers do not need it. So if you like my handsew with love kisslock clutch bags and need a detachable strap to go with it, please email me at to place a special order.

I have got customers mentioning to me that when they carry big bags or totes, sometimes they had a hard time finding the purse among the numerous things in their bags. I know how that feels because it happened to me too when I have hundred and one things inside my big bag.

Recently I am very into mini bags and I have been browsing lots of them in the shops. Some of them come with very cute bag charms and it just add a very pretty detail to the bag. This gave me the idea to make the kisslock purse into a functional bag charm. Number one, it will solve the problem of not locating it in the deep big bag. Number two, the kisslock purse doubles up as a pretty bag charm on a big bag.

It really took me awhile to find these clasp closures. I need them in a suitable size, that doesn’t look out of proportion when I attach it to the kisslock.


I really love this new clasp closure detail. I have also included a fabric button that I have made using the remaining fabric as a detail. I am giving away the free clasp closure as seen on this photo when you purchase this kisslock purse. And now you can clip your new kisslock purse on your bag!

Kisslock purse as bag charm


Lots of Kisses

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First, it took me two weeks to get the size right, the size that I think is suitable for a clutch bag. I have to draw my own template this time if I want to incorporate the details I want into the new clutch bag. I did up a few prototypes and all ended up in the dustbin.

And finally, Ruby Kisslock Mini Clutch Bag!

Our first handsew with love mini clutch bag!

Ruby Kisslock Mini Clutch Bag

Ruby Kisslock Mini Clutch Bag

Enquiries streamed in after I posted Ruby Kisslock Mini Clutch Bag on our Facebook page. I made Ruby Kisslock Mini Clutch Bag to have it function like a clutch bag. It allows a namecard holder, a bunch of seven to eight keys, a pack of tissue paper and a lip gloss. However it does not allow a smart phone. I think a smart phone needs a smart phone holder. Just like you need a wallet to put your dollar notes and a laptop bag for a laptop.

After receiving numerous requests, I decided to attempt to make it slightly bigger to allow the size of an iPhone. This is most probably the biggest size I will make for a kisslock clutch bag, after several rounds of thinking and for very practical reasons.

Then it took me another week and over to re-work the template, did prototypes, to make it to allow an iPhone.

Let’s welcome Daisy Dotty Kisslock Clutch Bag!

Daisy Dotty Kisslock Clutch Bag

Daisy Dotty Kisslock Clutch Bag

I am very pleased with the final product and even happier to hear the positive compliments from my happy customers. Thank you so much for loving my handsew with love kisslock clutch bags. Thank you for having faith in me and encouraging me to expand my handsew with love products.

Handsew with Love_Happy Mint Ruby Daisy Preorder

Handsew with Love – Kisslock Purse and Clutch Bags

Now we have kisslock purse, kisslock mini clutch bag and kisslock clutch bag under our Handsew with Love line.

With the encouraging response, I have acquired more new kisslock frame designs for the clutch bags, that will go with the fabric prints that I am already using for the kisslock purse.

Purple Ruby Kisslock Frame For Clutch Bags

Purple Ruby Kisslock Frame For Clutch Bags + matching fabric prints

Jade Ruby Kisslock Frame For Clutch Bags

Jade Ruby Kisslock Frame For Clutch Bags + matching fabric prints

I have also picked up new kisslock purse frame designs, that are similar to the frames for the clutch bags. I think it’s really pretty to have a complete set of purse and clutch bag with similar frames. I have customers who have pre-ordered mother-daughter set, the purse for their daughters and matching clutch bag for themselves.

More Ruby Kisslock Frames For Kisslock Purse

More Ruby Kisslock Frames For Kisslock Purse

New Mickey Kisslock Purse Frame

New Mickey Kisslock Purse Frame

I have also selected a new fabric print for our handsew with love products.

New Frame+New Fabric for Kisslock Purse

New Frame+New Fabric for Kisslock Purse

Pre-orders are already open. You may place your pre-orders via our webstore or email to If you have any enquiries, feel free to email to Currently I need approximately 4-6 weeks to come to your pre-order. My apologies if I cannot accede to requests for earlier completion date. I work on a first-come-first-serve basis and I cannot skip orders. Thank you very much for your kind understanding on the above.


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