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What’s Playing In The Background

Now Playing: Wanting ~ Everything in the World Album

How many times did you buy a music album and love every single song in it?

It is very rare for me.

I do not listen to music everytime I work. Recently, I seriously need some music especially when the previous kisslock purse restocks got overwhelming and I had to sew non-stop.

This is one rare album that had me playing the album from the first number to the last and repeat the entire album. Some of the songs got me singing out loud whenever I need to take a break from looking at all the stitchings.

I first took notice of this singer when one of her songs was used as a theme song in a movie. I like her very unique voice and how she sings the song to her style.

I like one particular song: ‘Jar of Love’

This song never fails to make me sing along, together with some dancing to the tune. It’s a really nice song and I have this vision how it should be played when an ice skater does his or her moves.

This album is now available for purchase at all major CD shops.

Share with me what you think after you listen to it.

Hello Pink Berries in the Green Field!

Pink Berries in the Green Field Kisslock Purse

Let’s say hello to Pink Berries in the Green Field!

I had a fun time working with polka dots print fabric when I produced Happy Dots Kisslock Purse and Happy Dots n Mickey Kisslock Purse. These two kisslock purses were a sell-out and very well-received. There are so many awesome people who love polka dots as much as I do!

Off I went, in search of new fabric prints last week. The choices that are suitable for making kisslock purses weren’t many. I have my own set of checklist when it comes to selecting fabric prints to make kisslock purses. This time I chose to employ a thread colour for the kisslock purse frame that is not matching to the fabric background colour or even close to the frame colour. It was either pink or green. I find the green thread on the frame more refreshing and unique. Plus a green inner lining. What do you think of the colour match?

I will be working on more kisslock purses in this September. Maybe a bigger purse or a clutch bag?

Stay tuned.

Adding Queenbels

Happy Dots n Mickey Kisslock Purse

The ‘Queenbels’ label wasn’t intended for this kisslock purse I handsewn.

When I started Queenbels, I wanted to carry my own apparel designs. Things did not turn out excellent and I had to shelf the production plans.

When enquiries started flowing in on my 2nd mini DIY project, I think I should put these labels to use if I am going to put this kisslock purse up for purchase on my webstore. Sewing on the ‘Queenbels’ label is a tiny proud moment for me. 

I am not claiming any originality on the purse shape. I shared previously about how I learned to do this from a crafting book. With the sewing technics learned, I think and decide the fabric prints I want to use, the inner lining I should match it with, the most suitable padding to use, what kisslock purse frame to put onto the purse and what thread I should use to sew the entire purse.

With all the above thinking and making process, I am proud to say I produce this kisslock purse, under the ‘Queenbels’ label.

Once again, thank you very much everyone, who has already made a purchase on the Happy Dots n Mickey Kisslock Purse.

Thank you very much for your support.

2nd Mini DIY Project

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Embarking to make a 2nd handsew kisslock purse

Sewing can be addictive. After making the first handsew kisslock purse, I want to make more. Plus, I received some positive comments on the first kisslock purse and was encouraged to make more.

Getting all materials ready before any sewing

Purse sewn before fixing purse frame

This time I attempted with cotton fabric and a new padding. Always make sure all materials are ready before you begin any sewing. This is a good habit I picked up from a tailor. I made new discoveries this time and these new tips will help me to make even better kisslock purse

I was sharing the making process on Instagram (@queenbels) and Facebook and I was pleasantly surprised when there are enquiries if this is available for purchase. I am still receiving email enquiries now as I typed this.

The Completed Handsew Kisslock Purse

Tadah! The completed kisslock purse!

For those who have asked if this is available for purchase, I am happy to say YES!

Product Name

Happy Dots Kisslock Purse

Product description

The entire purse is handsew. The external fabric is made of cotton, an imported fabric from Japan. Internally lined, fully padded. The purse opening measures 8cm point to point, 10cm tall from frame top (excludes frame knots) to purse bottom.

Purchase Price:


Registered Ground Shipping:

SGD3.24 per purse

International Shipping:

Kindly refer to our Shipping Costs table for each destination country’s shipping cost.

How to Purchase?

Drop me an email at, indicating the number of purses you want to purchase. This kisslock purse is available for purchase on a pre-order basis. I will revert on the date of completion and ready for despatch to the post office.

As this moment, the slots are full with the overwhelming response. I am very flattered and thankful that my mini DIY project is well-received. Thank you so much!

Do you have DIY projects to share? Leave us a comment!

Mini DIY Project This Weekend

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It all began with a book.

I was browsing some crafting books in a book store and I came across this book on making kisslock purse. I was so captivated by the lovely designs and was very inspired to make one.

All required materials are ready

DIY kisslock purse base and inner lining sewn

Working on a kisslock frame with sew holes

I bought the book and left it lying on the home shelf. I need some sort of impulse and mood to do sewing. The idea of sewing a kisslock purse arose almost six months ago but I only get down to work on it on last Friday.

The kisslock purse I want to work on is different from the kisslock purses you see in the shops. The frame that I want to use comes with sew holes. Meaning I have to sew the frame onto the purse. The usual ones you see are attached using glue. I think sewing the frame onto the purse is more exquisite and holds the purse better.

Completed! My first handsew kisslock purse. 完成!我手缝的第一个口金包。

Tadah! The completed kisslock purse! All in all I took about half a day to complete this prototype. I am generally happy with it. I ran into some technical issues which I believe I can overcome with more practice. There are also some design flaws for example the infusible lining used is abit tough for a kisslock purse which affects the overall shape of the purse.

Do you have DIY projects to share? Leave us a comment!

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