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My Favourite Month

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I nearly forgot my birthday this year.

Until a lovely customer asked for my birthday.

Thank you very much for the bling bling gift. A very pleasant surprise.

Most of my brain juice is used on running Queenbels, day in day out. My calendar is filled with work schedules (I used to mark it with leisure activities). My mind is always on Queenbels. On my rest days, I try not to load my brain anymore.

I am stretching my neck pretty long, awaiting the arrivals of the new designs. All fingers and toes crossed for no shipment delays.

Just a couple of days before, I heard a song by one of my favourite bands, The Corrs, on the radio. I have that particular album ‘Talk On Corners’ and it is on Youtube:

Beautiful and talented people. I cannot remember how I came to know this band and their songs. This is one album that had me listening to every single song, on the repeat mode. Some old memories were revived. Good ones of course.

The Corrs ~ One of My Favourite Band

The Corrs ~ One of My Favourite Band

This is a short work week. Good Friday falls on this Friday and it is a public holiday in Singapore. The weekend gets extended and most people are looking forward to the short break.

Have a good week ahead and enjoy your Easter holidays.


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