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Dance, Maybe

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This is so cute!

I love the dance, the vibes and the twins are just too lovable!

Many people around me do not know that I love dancing.

My first dance was in kindergarden. It was a performance for the school. I cannot remember what the ocassion was. The teacher picked a few of us, taught us some moves and up the stage we went. The thing I remembered the most was, I was really hungry after the dance and I was staring very hard at the chiffon cakes on the table. My mum instructed again and again that I cannot anyhow pinch food on the table without permission. The teacher was nowhere in sight so I had nobody to seek permission from. Anyway both the teacher and my mum appeared just in time before I shouted help. And yes I managed to grab a slice of the cake before I headed home.

It was kind of natural to continue where I left when I chose the dance class as my ECA when I entered primary school. Our dance teacher was a professional from outside the school. He was very strict with our basics and I kind of dreaded it. Try pointing your toes and flexed 24 times per leg, front, side, back. This was just one of the many warm-up movements we did. If I remembered correctly, the warm-up lasted around an hour plus per session.

All this while I didn’t know I was actually selected to perform for the school official opening ceremony. I was only seven years old and all I knew was to turn up punctually for the class. It was only when the tailors came to take our measurements to make the dance costumes, then I realised what was coming. They decided to scare me further by asking me to present a bouquet of flowers to the MP on stage and I had to do a little bow holding my tulle. I scooted back to the backstage right after and didn’t even looked down the stage. Now I think of it, I was really timid.

I continued with the dance class all the way till primary six and had to call it a day before the PSLE. My parents thought that I should do nothing except drill the books.

I didn’t continue with dance class when I entered secondary school. I began to like sports more and was very keen to try new games. And with that, I put dancing aside for a very very long time.

Years later, I graduated, joined the workforce and began my corporate race. One day, while I was out with my husband, we chanced upon a dance class in a mall. Yes, in a mall. They were teaching Cha-cha, Rumba, Waltz and so on. At that time, I really like Waltz. If I see this dance on TV, I would put everything down and watched the entire dance.

Yes, I signed up for the class but they didn’t start me on Waltz. We did Cha-cha and Rumba. Then the cruelty of reality hit me. I was no longer that flexible and I was missing the beats terribly. Old stiff bones. It took me awhile to find the momentum back. Our instructors were really patient and my classmates were really fun people enjoying the classes. I had lots of fun too, making the wrong turns.

That was more than ten years ago. Marriage plan was in the pipeline and I was also working on my professional papers. So I left the track once again and I never go back since then.

I don’t know if I will dance again. Sometimes I get the urge to make that move when I see people dance. If I ever pick it up again, I have alot to work on, especially the stiff until cannot bones. I hope I don’t have to wait till my retirement years. Oh wait, maybe it isn’t that bad an idea if my husband joins me in the dance.

Ending this post with another cute video of the lovable twins. New dance and new helmets!


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