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I Travel I Scout I Present Beautiful Apparel

I travel I scout I present beautiful apparels

I have never like travelling for work.

When I was still in the corporate world, I ran away from all jobs that required me to travel. It is such an irony now that I have to go on work trips at a frequency more than I ever desire.

Earlier this month I took off for another procurement trip in the midst of the renovation madness. I was very lucky that I had a reliable interior designer to count on. When I returned, the entire showroom was 99% ready for handover.

This procurement trip wasn’t entirely successful. Part of the new procurement plans did not fall in place. I was pretty disappointed. All wasn’t lost though. At least I made some progression in acquiring new contacts.

I am introducing new apparel designs for the upcoming new selection. One of the highlights are the printed blouses. There is a wide selection of prints and fabrics and I really like the spectrum of colours displayed.

I narrowed down to cute animal prints and yummy pastry prints, made with quality knitted back pieces and very suitable for the local weather.

Squirrel Blouse

Horse in the Rainbow Knit+Cotton Blouse

The Squirrel Blouse reminds me of the small squirrels that I saw pretty often in my previous workplace. They move very fast racing from one tree to the other, escalate up the tree at a lightning speed and disappeared into the branches. Guess what is the most visible thing that I can see from far amongst all these actions? It is the furry squirrel tail. One word: CUTE.

The Horse in the Rainbow Blouse revokes memories of the storybooks I read when I was a child. Magical horse gallops through forest and emerges under the warm sunshine like a shining knight. This blouse is one of the pieces I kept.

A Berries Tart Blouse

Pink Cupcake Blouse

Cupcakes seems to be the ‘in’ pastry since late last year. I admit I like cupcakes and people around me all know that. At one point I go to the same bakery almost every other day and buy box of six each time. That did alot of damage to my waistline. I have since cut down. It remains my top favourite pastry.

All these pretty printed blouses are now available for purchase, only at the private showroom.

You know where to find all the good stuffs right? 😀


I Wear Queenbels

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Do you wear Queenbels?

15Jun11 ~ Outfit of the Day ~ Melissa Chiffon Pleats Cotton Top in Orange TodayImWearing ~ Dovey Polka Dots Dress #TodayImWearing Gianna Pleated Dress TodayImWearing 24Jan12 ~ Outfit of the Day ~ Rebecca Rocker Vest Pale Violet Red

Of course I wear Queenbels. I try as much as I can to post ‘I Wear Queenbels’ snapshots on instagram @queenbels and on the Facebook page. Besides the outfit, I also want to share the type of shoes, bottom pieces and bags that are suitable to match with the outfit. Thus that explains the top down snapshots. It’s pretty fun and takes me less than a minute to do a snapshot.

If you wear Queenbels, post a snapshot of your outfit on our Facebook page. We will send the lucky winner with the best outfit a surprise gift!

I am running a campaign now gathering all people who wear Queenbels to share their Queenbels outfit snapshots. The winner with the best outfit will receive a surprise gift from me!

So the next time you wear Queenbels, remember to take a snapshot of your outfit, post it up on our Facebook page and stand a chance to win a surprise gift for yourself!

Have a lovely week ahead!

What and Why on PlusThatQ Selection

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PlusThatQ Selection

The brand new selection, PlusThatQ has hit the racks last Friday.

Sneak peeks in snapshots were made available via instagram @queenbels, Facebook page and Twitter before the shop catalog was updated officially.

The emphasis is still very much on quality; use of good quality fabric, excellent sewing workmanship and the cutting. Wearable classics is a trait of Queenbels. I believe in putting money on versatile classic pieces with clever integration of current trend but not on one-season trend. Regular shoppers at Queenbels identify and appreciate this mission statement.

My Dainty Lady Peterpan Collar Flare Blouse in Pink/White

My Dainty Lady Peterpan Collar Flare Blouse in Blue/White

Apparels with the peterpan collar make a comeback this year. In fact it made its presence late last year with the invention of fake collars and revolved into collar necklaces. My Dainty Lady Peterpan Collar Flare Blouse is one beautiful piece designed with fitted bodice and a flare at the waist. I recommend matching this blouse with your pencil skirt if you want to add one more pretty outfit to your office wear. If you are looking at wearing this blouse for the weekends, I suggest matching it with a pair of slim demin jeans, a demin skirt or a pair of casual white pants, complete with flats or loafers.

Relaxed Two-Colour 3/4 Sleeves Tunic

Baby's Breath Dress

I introduce tunics in almost every selection. A well made tunic is versatile to wear on its own or with a belt. I like the roomy feel the relaxed fit creates. It is a plus point if there are functional pockets for me to keep the small stuffs while I am on the go. You will love the Relaxed Two-Colour 3/4 Sleeves Tunic and the Baby’s Breath Tunic.

Nautical Buttons Blouse in Red/White Stripes

Nautical Buttons Blouse in Red/White Stripes

I have also brought in the Nautical Buttons Blouse in stripes; red/white stripes and blue/white stripes. I appreciate how the stripes meet very closely at the connecting seams and from the collar to the blouse, which gives a very neat look. To achieve this, the garment makers and sewers have to pay extra effort and attention on cutting the fabric and to sew very meticulously.

Mini Pleats Front Collar Blouse in Cadet Blue

Mini Pleats Front Collar Blouse in Mustard

Mini Pleats Front Collar Blouse in Nude

Chiffon blouses are one of our current best sellers. The Mini Pleats Front Collar Blouse comes in three enchanting colours with full inner lining. I love the attention paid to details like the curled hem. And you can’t miss The Passion Chiffon Pleats Blouse.

PlusThatQ Selection is now available at 

Meet Andrea, Our New Face Model

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Meet Andrea, our new face model, looking all stylish in our Dots n Floral Wrap in Vintage Orange. A very pleasant and nice model to work with. My appreciation to her for bearing with the not so comfortable weather on the photoshoot day.

I am naming the brand new selection, PlusThatQ.

Customers and fans of my webstore who have been following since the beginning, know that I had ever attempted to showcase my own designs. I even had labels done. I am no designer, but I desire to have a label I call my own.

Things did not turn out the way I wanted. Samples did not pass my requirements. Nothing turn out right. I am still working towards this project and I believe I will realise it one day. I will name my label PlusThatQ. Guess the meaning behind it?

Dots n Floral Wraps are now available at 

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