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I Am Still Here!

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I am still here!

Work in Progress ~ Happy Mint Dots Kisslock Purse

Work in Progress ~ Happy Mint Dots Kisslock Purse

Ok so I wasn’t in the showroom almost the whole of the past week and I received messages asking if I had gone on a procurement trip and if the new designs are arriving soon. No I didn’t go on a procurement trip. I was buried in the back office work to complete a few pre-order handsew kisslock purses. And don’t worry about no new designs coming up. I have got that part taken care of already. Keep a lookout for my update.

Someone said this to me: “Business must have been good for you because I see you always all smiles in the shop. I bet you never had a lousy day!”

Of course there are days when I ran into very challenging customers. It’s beyond your imagination the kind of words generated and the sentences formed that came out. Patience can be worn out.

I chose to smile it off. No, it wasn’t to avoid offending customers. This is about how I want to carry myself.

At the end of the day, I benefit from all and become a better person.

These days I get more and more strange questions from random people. These questions are totally irrelevant in helping them make an informed decision on the type of apparels that suit them. These questions are rather disturbing. Now if you are reading this, my message is; If you are really keen to exchange pointers, you may drop me an email and we will see how we can learn from each other. Trying to sound out other people’s cost and goods origin is not how I level up my game and I don’t advise anybody to do that. Display your real capabilities, learn from the good people and listen to your heart. Do what you are good at and be very good at it. I am sure you will be at somewhere prominent in no time.

I am working on new fabric prints. Happy Mint Dots is one of them. I am also introducing new purse interiors. If you like my handsew kisslock purses, stay on our Facebook page for updates.


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