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The Christmas Dresses Have Arrived!

Christmas Dresses Have Arrived!

Christmas Dresses Have Arrived!

These gorgeous dresses finally landed.

On the previous procurement trip, I managed to catch the work in progress new designs at the garment makers. I have personally selected a good variety of designs, very suitable for the coming festive season.

Sneak peeks of the new designs are posted on our Facebook page almost daily. These new designs are now available in the private showroom. Some designs are already sold out as the regulars have been streaming in to buy these new dresses. On the sold out designs, I am not able to make it available for purchase online. My apologies for any disappointment caused.

So do come by our private showroom soon to grab these gorgeous numbers for yourself before all designs are sold out.

I see you. 🙂


In Chiffon In Embroidery

Chiffon Embroidery Kaftan

Chiffon Embroidery Kaftan

Close up of the exquisite embroidery work

Close up of the exquisite embroidery work

Before I go into introducing the next new selection, I must do a special mention on this beautiful chiffon kaftan that I have personally selected.

If you had read my write-up on my love for the Peranakan traditional costumes, you will know why I have selected this chiffon kaftan for you.

Look at the the exquisite embroidery work.

I foresee myself wearing this with a denim skirt and a pair of nude colour pumps, going on a brunch date with my husband, to a family dinner or doing my weekend grocery shopping.

Only a couple of pieces were produced and comes in beige, black and white. White is already grabbed by one of the regular customers who never miss a gorgeous number.

What colour do you think I have kept?


Christmas Tree Spotting

Christmas Tree at Takashimaya 2012

Christmas is in the air!

This lighted Christmas tree at Takashimaya Singapore is by far, my favourite.

The yearly Christmas lights in Orchard Road was launched last Saturday. I decided to wrap up Monday’s work with a walk down on Orchard Road. Getting to Orchard Road now takes a much shorter time since it is within walking distance from the showroom.

The walk down on Orchard Road, looking at the Christmas lights, is a yearly activity for my husband and I. It started a few years back when we got our first camera. Christmas in Singapore is a totally different atmosphere comparing to countries with winter and snow. The Christmas lights somehow replace the snow, to me.

Last year was the first time I went to view the “avalanche” and “snow” event at Tanglin Mall. The most beautiful sight wasn’t the “snow”. It was the laughter of the children playing around with the foam and immersing themselves in the wonderful Christmas mood.

Have you gone Christmas tree spotting?


Snowmen In The House

Snowmen in the House!

Happy Sunday!

I hope your weekend has been good so far. I spent yesterday afternoon in the showroom, opening up the space for people who already knew where we are and for any lucky person who discovered us. I did some housekeeping too and added some new displays.

I love Christmas.

I am not a Christian so I don’t celebrate Christmas as a religion.

I love the Christmas season for the gifting and sharing, warmth and the songs. This is the time of the year that I send my well wishes via Christmas cards.

This year’s Christmas is especially meaningful to me.

Queenbels has found a place to call her own.

And because it’s her first Christmas in her new place, I must do up the place with Christmas decorations!

This is the first time I buy a snow spray. I tasked the husband to do the spraying. I think I am better at helping out than to do the task.

I now have a white Christmas tree and two snowmen in the house!

Pretty? “D


Launch of The Private Showroom

My Mini Sewing Kit

It’s always the mini sewing kit and myself or the laptop and myself in the showroom, while waiting for the next private shopping session to begin.

There are also days I come to the showroom just to spend some time here and do some work.

Some of you would have known by now that I have set up a private showroom for Queenbels.

When the business entered the 3rd year, I asked myself what’s next.

I did a flowchart starting with Day 1 and ended up putting a huge question mark on the next step arrow.

To develop a business, we are talking about growing something, like a plant. From the seedlings, type of soil to use, amount of water to use, to get sufficient sunlight, finally seeing the 1st leaf sprout from the soil and most importantly, to keep the plant alive and blooming.

Things kind of fall into routine in the 3rd year. I have to keep things revolving. I cannot stay stagnant. I began reading up. Anything. I need inspirations. I refuse to do anymore new selections. Not until I know what’s next. Just when I was about to pull my hair, ideas started flowing in. I began to compile statistics, did research and did some test-drives.

Then I stumbled upon this tiny space. I call it the pigeon hole.

When I first stumbled upon this tiny space, I knew I have found it. Images of her future looks formed almost immediately. It’s magical.

I transformed the pigeon hole into a cosy private showroom.

Why a private showroom?

The concept is to create a walk-in wardrobe. This will be your own private shopping space. You can come in, try on the apparel that you like, play around with the different looks you have in mind. If you like the items, you buy them on the spot and off you step out with new outfits in hand.

Regular customers who came, enjoyed the private shopping time at the showroom. I am really happy that they are making themselves at home and feel totally at ease walking around bare-footed on the carpeted floor. Now they get to see the products in real life. I see the smiles on their faces, having the entire wardrobe to themselves to try on any apparel and accessories they like, without having to squeeze with other crowd or queue to use the fitting room. Sometimes when they cannot decide among the different colours, they will grab a seat on the faux leather mushroom stools to ponder over and rest their feet too. If they need help, I give very honest opinions.

Passer-bys who discovered the tiny space find the pigeon hole amazing. Some gave very kind and encouraging words and some were simply amazed at the private shopping concept at such affordable price points. I am glad that people are embracing this brand new concept that I have introduced.

Private shopping is now no longer a luxury that only the bigger brands can offer.

My Favourite! Polka Dots & Balloons Flower Stand

Balloons Decor

Floral and Pink Balloons Flower Stand

Purple Theme Flower Stand

I was very pleasantly surprised at the flower stands arriving at the private showroom, one after another. It is such a blessing to receive well wishes.

Thank you very much.

Hello Kitty Bag Charm

Hello Kitty Bag Charm in Crystal Ball

Flower Ball Necklace

Soaring Owls Hinged Bangle

From now onwards, the private showroom is given priority for all new arrivals. I have been posting sneak peeks of the new arrivals almost daily on our Facebook page ( ‘Like’ our Facebook page now to start receiving these sneak peeks. If you are on Instagram, follow us now at

I will not be announcing the exact location of the private showroom on the webstore or on the social media. I want to keep the place private and exclusive.

Start making an appointment via email: stating your name, mobile number, preferred day, date and time of your private shopping. I will reply via sms. I will make the entire showroom available ONLY FOR YOU within your booking hours. Bring your girl pals and enjoy some private shopping moments together.

 You know where to find all the good stuff right? 😀


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