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That 2nd Mini Bazaar

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Mini Bazaar at Orchard Central

Finally I can sit down and write about our 2nd mini bazaar which was held a week long. The crazy me hopped on the plane the very next day after the mini bazaar ended for a brand new sourcing trip. More on that later. 

I didn’t expect the second mini bazaar to happen in less than a month after the first one ended. The timing was right ie venue, resources and manpower all fell in place. This pre-bazaar preparations were even crazier than the 1st. The hangers were replenished three times. Yes three times. The number of racks were increased twice. I even spent time steaming some apparels because I cannot stand the crease lines that came from the folding of the garments (all brand new garments came folded, sealed and packed).

When the first day ended, my legs were aching mad. I stood most of the time throughout the bazaar, attending to customers’ queries, helping them with measurements, explaining how to purchase online, introducing myself and my webstore etc. Regulars who came to support and shop touched me very much. They could have shopped online and enjoyed the same discounts but they chose to come and support. A HUGE THANK YOU ladies! 😀

The most common comment I received was: “Your apparels are gorgeous, good workmanship but I cannot fit.” That left me feeling both happy and sad. I am happy because there are people who are able to identify and appreciate the fine workmanship in these apparels that I personally source and import. I am sad at the same time because I fail to recognise the fashion needs of some slight plus-sized ladies. These customers walked away with the look of wanting the item very much but meaningless to buy clothes they cannot fit. I took serious note of it and remind myself that I must feedback the same to the garment makers on my next sourcing trip.

Generally the customers who shopped at my mini bazaar were very pleasant people. Some tried very hard to bargain to the best dollar and some asked if I am making money at all when they saw the very reasonable price vs the excellent workmanship. Some simply popped their heads in and said “You have nice stuffs there.” You have no idea how happy I was and I am still feeling happy now while typing this. Some encouraged me to hold more mini bazaars at different locations because they feel I have very awesome and unique apparel designs to introduce to more people.

I got to know some business owners who were very friendly and nice. Some of them even bought items from me and shared with me a few important pointers to take note of to hold a successful mini bazaar.

Thank you once again to all who came to shop at my mini bazaar and friends who popped by to lend morale support. Special Thank You to my little sister who came to help out at my mini bazaar for the whole week. It was a very tiring and rewarding experience. Not rewarding in monetary terms because I had to cover substantial part of the rental out of my own pocket. It was the experience, the various comments I received that will help me manage my webstore better. That famous quote: Priceless.

I will talk about my sourcing trip in my next post.

Sales End Soon

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Print or Flash this voucher on your mobile at our mini bazaar at Orchard Central to enjoy S$5 off all regular priced apparels.

Sales End Soon!


We are at the last 3rd day of our mini bazaar at Orchard Central. Very happy to see some of you who have come to support and did shopping at our mini bazaar! You know who you are.

Thank you!

Our mini bazaar at Orchard Central Level 1 (nearest MRT is Somerset MRT Station, Exit B) will end this Sunday 18 March 2012. Remember to bring this voucher to the bazaar for your shopping!

Don’t forget to bring your shopping bag and cash!


Come Shop at Queenbels Mini Bazaar at Orchard Central

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Come Shop at Queenbels Mini Bazaar at Orchard Central

And Yes!

I am holding a mini bazaar for my webstore right here in Orchard Central starting TODAY!

If you had missed our 1st mini bazaar last month, do not miss this again! I am super excited this time as I am bringing MANY MORE apparels and some of them are not launched on my webstore. Yes yes I am giving great discounts that you don’t want to miss!

The space given is bigger and you can come shop comfortably in the air-conditioned mall. Orchard Central is highly accessible via public transport. It is only 3 mins walk from Somerset MRT station Exit B.

So please come by and shop your hearts out!

Don’t forget to bring your shopping bag and cash!


Queenbels Signboard

Queenbels Signboard

Our signboard for the upcoming mini bazaar! Like?

I Love Classics

I like to keep my daily outfits simple. I believe in classics because it will never fall out of fashion. This is pretty evidence in the apparels I have brought in for my e-shop. Presenting classics that will bring you across a couple of seasons is never easy. It has to fulfill a couple of criteria in my personal style. Firstly it has to be in a lasting shade and I don’t mean black, white or blue. Pastel colours like beige, cream, light blue and pale violet are colours to keep. You need the lighter colours to balance out. Secondly, the cut of the apparel has to be kept fuss free. Thirdly, maintenance ie washing and cleaning must be simple. I will only engage dry cleaning services for my winter coats.

Lunar New Year is just four days away. It is a must in our tradition to put on new clothes and shoes to welcome a brand new year. I have waited for the longest time to put on the Faye Front Ruffles Chiffon Blouse in Peru to welcome the year of Dragon. I love this number so much that I have specially kept it for the Lunar New Year. The front ruffles are gorgeous and are the highlighted details of this simple blouse. The ruffles fall back in place without ironing. The trick is to hang up the blouse right after washing. I am going to match it with a demin skirt. I prefer skirts more than jeans. Stylish and yet not lose the feminine side. Oh and not forgetting my favourite pair of ballerina flats.

Faye Front Ruffles Chiffon Blouse in Peru

Gorgeous Ruffles ~ Faye Chiffon Front Ruffles Blouse Peru

I hardly do layering. Sometimes the sun can be rather unforgiving. But hey that is not going to make me a dull Jane in my attire. When I first saw the Rebecca Rocker Vest, I know I just have to bring this to my e-shop. Structured ruffles on a vest is the attraction. The ruffles are well crafted. One of my e-shop client said this look like an art piece. Yes, exact first impression. I love how it plays up a simple tank top immediately. The colour is so pleasing to the eye. Laundry care is as simple as the Faye Front Ruffles Chiffon Blouse.

Rebecca Rocker Vest in Pale Violet Red

Structured Ruffles ~ like an art piece

If you like to keep your outfits simple and sophisticated, like I do, the two pieces above are for keeps. If you think wearing the auspicious red for Lunar New Year is so old fashion, put on some pastel shades. You can keep the black, white and blue for another time.

Spring 2012: Ruffles

One of the looks that have appeared on the runway this Spring 2012 is ruffles.

There is something about ruffles: soft, delicate, feminine, ethereal… the list could go on.

Image Image Image

(Picture source: x x x)

No surprise, Alexandra McQueen’s creative director Sarah Burton nailed the ruffles look with her underwater themed designs that was absolutely intriguing.

Image Image Image

(Picture source: x x x)

Over at Chanel, the feminine flounces can also been seen in the collection which was also inspired by the undersea.

Besides enabling one to look graceful, ruffles also enhance features on the body as they add volume.

Get in the ruffles look with some of these dainty pieces available at Queenbels:

Felicia Chiffon Tunic in Vanilla Peach Felicia Chiffon Tunic in Vanilla Peach

Felicia Chiffon Tunic in Vanilla Peach  (also available in Coral)

Vanessa Chiffon Tiered Ruffles Blouse in Vanilla Cream Vanessa Chiffon Tiered Ruffles Blouse in Vanilla Cream

Vanessa Chiffon Tiered Ruffles Blouse in Vanilla Cream  (also available in Grey and Pearl White)

Faye Chiffon Front Ruffles Blouse in Pink Faye Chiffon Front Ruffles Blouse in Pink

Faye Chiffon Front Ruffles Blouse in Pink (also available in PeruSky Blue and Grey)

Joyce Ruffles Romper Suit in White/Pink Joyce Ruffles Romper Suit in White/Pink

Joyce Ruffles Romper Suit in Pink (also available in Blue)

Phyllis Petals Cut-out Chiffon Dress in Pearl White Phyllis Petals Cut-out Chiffon Dress in Pearl White

Phyllis Petals Cut-Out Chiffon Dress in Pearl White (also available in Nude and Black)

Rebecca Rocker Vest in Pale Violet Red Rebecca Rocker Vest in Pale Violet Red

Rebecca Rocker Vest in Pale Violet Red (also available in Black)

The ruffles look really seem appropriate for all occasions; to the office, lunch with old friends, wedding dinner… amp it up or play it down according to your own preference!

Update your wardrobe with more selection on ruffles right here: ! ☺

Have a splendid day ahead!

– Christine

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