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No One Can Say It’s Rubbish

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From time to time, we do reviews and small updates to our shop space, just to improve the shopping experience in the shop.

And I think it’s time to upgrade the flooring.

Last month, we bade goodbye to our pretty nude pink carpet after serving us for nearly three years.


Checked a few options, decided on the material and colour and placed an order. The raw materials came and we got down to work.


I am so pleased with the result and the look of the new flooring. With the lights shone on, the entire space looks really welcoming. Did a re-arrangement too to utilise the space better. See the completed flooring in my outfit snapshot.


So far the comments have been good. Customers like the feel of the interior upgrade and the new layout too. Thank you very much.

There are so much more I think I can do, to do better and I never stop thinking. To continue to learn is so important because the skills picked up can be very useful and you really never know when it will come into use.

I saw an interview of her on The Ellen Show on Youtube first. And this interview appeared on the list of videos below it.

She made alot of sense on a few areas which had me went nodding my head in agreement.

‘If you design a collection and it’s really good, people can say they don’t like it but no one can say it’s rubbish.’

First striking point that I went saying ‘Yes yes yes’. I don’t design the apparel you see in my shop. Like I have said before, they have a great inhouse team and I shall just concentrate on picking the right designs for my clients. You are right to say I am like my clients’ personal shopper.

Doesn’t design doesn’t mean I will just take whatever is available at my suppliers. I am very selective in what I pick up and I have to. I know if I really put in my heart and soul in the apparel selection process and pick the right designs for my clients, they may not like everything but they cannot say it’s rubbish. Even for the random walk-in customers, they can tell me they don’t like certain designs but they cannot say the designs are ugly. Simply because, the designs are not ugly.

It is so important to have certain standards set in the apparel design selection process.

‘Surround yourself with the right people.’

Having the right people around you is so important. People who will teach you the good things and the right ways. People who you can learn from and you can in turn share knowledge with. People who inspire you and give you the most earnest opinion.

‘Don’t leave and try to start your own company. Get out there, work for other people, learn, be a sponge, have your eyes open.’

I have been there and done that. I learnt so much in my corporate life. I was not a high flyer but I had very good mentors and co-workers. And I was very lucky to be able to work with people with high work standards and ethnics. The positive influence has impacted me in a good way.

Watch the interview. Maybe you will pick up other useful tips for yourself.


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