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What and Why on PlusThatQ Selection

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PlusThatQ Selection

The brand new selection, PlusThatQ has hit the racks last Friday.

Sneak peeks in snapshots were made available via instagram @queenbels, Facebook page and Twitter before the shop catalog was updated officially.

The emphasis is still very much on quality; use of good quality fabric, excellent sewing workmanship and the cutting. Wearable classics is a trait of Queenbels. I believe in putting money on versatile classic pieces with clever integration of current trend but not on one-season trend. Regular shoppers at Queenbels identify and appreciate this mission statement.

My Dainty Lady Peterpan Collar Flare Blouse in Pink/White

My Dainty Lady Peterpan Collar Flare Blouse in Blue/White

Apparels with the peterpan collar make a comeback this year. In fact it made its presence late last year with the invention of fake collars and revolved into collar necklaces. My Dainty Lady Peterpan Collar Flare Blouse is one beautiful piece designed with fitted bodice and a flare at the waist. I recommend matching this blouse with your pencil skirt if you want to add one more pretty outfit to your office wear. If you are looking at wearing this blouse for the weekends, I suggest matching it with a pair of slim demin jeans, a demin skirt or a pair of casual white pants, complete with flats or loafers.

Relaxed Two-Colour 3/4 Sleeves Tunic

Baby's Breath Dress

I introduce tunics in almost every selection. A well made tunic is versatile to wear on its own or with a belt. I like the roomy feel the relaxed fit creates. It is a plus point if there are functional pockets for me to keep the small stuffs while I am on the go. You will love the Relaxed Two-Colour 3/4 Sleeves Tunic and the Baby’s Breath Tunic.

Nautical Buttons Blouse in Red/White Stripes

Nautical Buttons Blouse in Red/White Stripes

I have also brought in the Nautical Buttons Blouse in stripes; red/white stripes and blue/white stripes. I appreciate how the stripes meet very closely at the connecting seams and from the collar to the blouse, which gives a very neat look. To achieve this, the garment makers and sewers have to pay extra effort and attention on cutting the fabric and to sew very meticulously.

Mini Pleats Front Collar Blouse in Cadet Blue

Mini Pleats Front Collar Blouse in Mustard

Mini Pleats Front Collar Blouse in Nude

Chiffon blouses are one of our current best sellers. The Mini Pleats Front Collar Blouse comes in three enchanting colours with full inner lining. I love the attention paid to details like the curled hem. And you can’t miss The Passion Chiffon Pleats Blouse.

PlusThatQ Selection is now available at 

Meet Andrea, Our New Face Model

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Meet Andrea, our new face model, looking all stylish in our Dots n Floral Wrap in Vintage Orange. A very pleasant and nice model to work with. My appreciation to her for bearing with the not so comfortable weather on the photoshoot day.

I am naming the brand new selection, PlusThatQ.

Customers and fans of my webstore who have been following since the beginning, know that I had ever attempted to showcase my own designs. I even had labels done. I am no designer, but I desire to have a label I call my own.

Things did not turn out the way I wanted. Samples did not pass my requirements. Nothing turn out right. I am still working towards this project and I believe I will realise it one day. I will name my label PlusThatQ. Guess the meaning behind it?

Dots n Floral Wraps are now available at 

The Magical Pop-Up!

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The Magical Pop-Up

This is the magical pop-up I mentioned in my previous post.

This is a mobile changing room which is gifted to me by a lovely friend. I have been searching for this since I started doing photoshoot outdoors. It is available for purchase on international websites and it is really costly with the shipping costs.

Before this, I might even have to borrow another premise’s restroom facilities if there is no attached changing area or restroom in the chosen shooting location. My poor models had to march up and down between the two spots to change attires. I think they might have grown some leg muscles doing the walks.

With this, I do not need to restrict myself to shooting locations with attached changing areas. Attire changing time is cut down and we are able to complete the photoshoot earlier than the scheduled hours. Everyone of us want to wrap up as soon as possible because firstly, the rain may come at any time. Secondly if it’s a huge sunny day, we all want to get away from the scorching sun soonest possible.

Trust me, it isn’t fun doing photoshoot outdoor. We are too in love with the way the photographs turn out so hello photoshoots outdoor!

I Snap

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The 1st outdoor shoot venue

This was where I did the first outdoor catalog photoshoot. It was also the first time I worked with that new model. That was also the first time (and the last time) I ever hire a model without meeting up with her before the photoshoot. Well I trusted my gut feelings. The model was very professional, the photoshoot went very well and the photographs turn out fantastic.

I love doing photoshoots outdoor for my shop catalog from then on. The natural light gives the most true colour a catalog shoot ever desires. I love to see my shop merchandises shine under the warm sun. Post production work is highly minimized. Basically photoshop work needed is near zero.

The biggest challenge about photoshoot at outdoors is overcoming the ever changing weather. I cannot predict weather and weather forecasts are only indications. Sheltered areas are not readily available outdoors. If the rain comes before photoshoot, at most we will reschedule it. If the rain comes during photoshoot, it is a total nightmare. At least for the next hour, we would be staring at the sky and at each other and prayed very hard for the rain to go away and come again another day.

To cut down on the weather agony, I try to use shooting venues that have sheltered areas. I was very lucky to meet very nice executive-in-charges and venue owners who opened their places for subsequent photoshoots. Some of the owners even open their doors to the internal areas, though I only asked to use the exterior of the buildings.

Another very important concern is to make sure there are proper changing areas at the shooting locations. No, I do not allow models to hide behind bushes or weird places to change attires. We are talking about a lady’s modesty here. Do you (lady) change your clothes at places which run risks of getting yourself exposed? I do not and I am sure you will not.

The most recent photoshoot finally took place today. I spent the last long weekend going from places to places in search of an ideal shooting location. I actually have more choices this time. The magical pop-up is here and I no longer need to restrict myself to shooting locations with attached changing areas. Yet the rainy weather for the past one and a half week got me having doubts about the locations I shortlisted. I trusted my gut feelings today once again and did the photoshoot in the morning instead of the initial afternoon session. Oh boy, the rain did come before we complete the shoot but we had enough time to get into the sheltered area. We wrapped up the remaining shoots along the walkway and I am very happy with the photographs.

Next brand new selection will be available at very soon.

Stay tuned.

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