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And So, That Was Our 1st Mini Bazaar

16Feb12 ~ 1st Day at Bazaar

17Feb12 ~ 2nd Day at Bazaar

I have never done a bazaar or an event before this. After being in business close to three years, I have seen only two of my customers in person. Sometimes I wonder if they are curious who I am and how I look like. I operate a webstore. My customers are free to shop at my webstore at anytime of the day, any day they want, 24/7. There isn’t a need or chance to see either party because all the purchases will be delivered to their doorstep after payment is made and we communicate via emails.

I started contemplating with the bazaar idea late last year after I saw a rather fun and unique bazaar held. With strong encouragement from a friend, I signed up for this bazaar rather at the last minute. The stress kicks in. The items to bring for the racks, the presentation, the logistics, the helpers needed and many more things occupied my delicate brain for the next few days right up to the eve of the bazaar. And this will be the first time my customers and I are putting faces to names. Well, I am a very private person. I do not like to plaster photos of myself in the virtual world. This is also the first time that me, yours truly will park myself right at the store front, in person.

We arrived at the venue rather early on the first day. I don’t know how much time I need to set everything up so I think it’s better to be early. My mum came with me throughout the two days just to keep an eye on the stall when I run to the ladies. I think she had fun there exploring the canteens LOL!

The experience was good. I learnt things out of it. This will also prepare me better for the next bazaar (if I am holding anymore). I also get to know products that I have not heard of.

Do you want to shop with us again at a bazaar?

Bazaar Coupon

Bazaar Coupon

Print or Flash this coupon on your mobile at our mini bazaar at NUS Central Forum to enjoy S$5 OFF all regular priced apparels

Queenbels Signboard

Queenbels Signboard

Our signboard for the upcoming mini bazaar! Like?

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