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What’s Playing In The Background

Now Playing: Wanting ~ Everything in the World Album

How many times did you buy a music album and love every single song in it?

It is very rare for me.

I do not listen to music everytime I work. Recently, I seriously need some music especially when the previous kisslock purse restocks got overwhelming and I had to sew non-stop.

This is one rare album that had me playing the album from the first number to the last and repeat the entire album. Some of the songs got me singing out loud whenever I need to take a break from looking at all the stitchings.

I first took notice of this singer when one of her songs was used as a theme song in a movie. I like her very unique voice and how she sings the song to her style.

I like one particular song: ‘Jar of Love’

This song never fails to make me sing along, together with some dancing to the tune. It’s a really nice song and I have this vision how it should be played when an ice skater does his or her moves.

This album is now available for purchase at all major CD shops.

Share with me what you think after you listen to it.

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